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I am Smarter than You is looking to partner with charities, not for profits, community groups, schools or sporting teams to share the profits we make from our app!

So if you or your group are keen to get involved or if would like to know more please contact us via Facebook or Twitter by click on one of the links on our page.

We can’t wait to work with you!

 I am Smarter Than You is the new smart phone game available on iPhone from iTunes and Android from Google Play which allows the winner to boast “I am smarter than you!”

It’s fast-paced, competitive and filled with brain-boosters. Compete on general knowledge, sports, math, arts, history and many more categories.

Create a user name or login with Facebook (we never post on your behalf) to play on your own or with friends, and see where you rank against the whole world!

Awesome features:

  • Challenge friends to a variety of game modes and categories
  • Get the most correct answers or break a tie with the fastest time
  • Localised questions to suit wherever you are from
  • Over 18,000 questions in 34 question categories
  • 3 game modes Ultimate Battle, General Trivia, Single Category and
  • Take on the world in the Daily Quiz!
  • Boost your skills with Brain Boosts

Brain Boosters

Earn coins to use Brain Boosters to give yourself an advantage over your friend!


Most Popular

Show the most popular answer, but be warned its not always right


5boost50Small~ipad0/50 Chance

Get a 50/50 chance by eliminating two wrong answers



Freeze the Clock

Stop to the clock and play with no time limit